A subscription based media streaming application

Vergly is a video and audio content broadcasting app that enables people to get paid for live-streaming their activities/events.

Video Events

Vergly allows content providers post video contents live, they can also post old videos directly from their devices

Audio Events

Vergly can be used to provide audio only events; Vergly can be used to provide live podcast to viewers

Catch Ups

When users misses their important live events, they can always watch and rewatch unlimited number of times

How it works (for creators)

Vergly is a market for on-demand and live media ( audio and video ) content. It is the best place for creators to exhibit their media contents

Creator signs up

Creator chooses to create an event. Event could be: Audio based (Podcasts), Video, Screensharing Session

Creator selects a date and decides whether to set up a paywal

Creator shares the event with their audience or can choose to promote in-app for a fee

How it Works (For Users)

Vergly is very easy to use ,its content is properly tailored for a particular user by using graph based algorighm and artificial intelligence to recommend relevants contents.

User signs in and is assessed for recommendation

Users can add events that interest them to their calendar and receive alerts when they are live

User can subscribe to a particular creator through free or paid means

Users can stream directly or save content offline to watch when suited, they can also watch old episodes of subscribed events

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Vergly will be easily recognizable as the go-to place for creators to reach their audience


Create contents that people want; vergly gives you total control over your content.


Engage your users; Vergly allows you to actively engage your users with the contents they like.


Reach more users; Vergly will present your content to a wider audience.

Vergly can be used for so many things, I can see many use cases, Infact all I need is my phone in order to create my personal tv station.

Anonymous, Social media Influencer

Simple, yet revolutionary

Vergly enables creators get paid for live-streaming their activities/events and connecting them to audiences. Leveraging on a strong, accessible and social brand identity, Vergly will be easily recognizable as the go-to place for creators to reach their audience

Enjoy Convenience, today!

Creators and users can signup to test the beta version of vergly before the original release date, This will allow them get used to the app and make comments on how to improve it for their personal use.

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Please provide your email to be notified when the beta is ready, you also money to be used to watch events when vergly officially launch.

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